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ExploResive-Improvised Explosives Data Base


ExploResive - Improvised Explosives Data Base

ExploResive - Review:

A.I Explosives, in association with Terrogence Ltd. , is proud to present a unique techno-telligence products package, which represents a comprehensive approach to the difficulties presented by improvised explosives in the hands of terrorists and insurgents.

This package is the result of unprecedented research, tackling the threat of explosives from a whole new perspective – taking it well away from the text books and white robed scientists, and into kitchen labs and backstreet workshops, where modern day terrorism takes place.

Improvised Explosive Lab - Iraq 

The ExploREsive database listing hundreds of improvised explosive recipes broken into raw ingredients, enabling swift recognition and early warning on preparation of improvised explosives.

As most improvised explosives are made by dual-use materials such as fertilizers, acetone, anti-freeze liquids or even aspirin, telling the difference between an explosive making lab and an innocent workshop becomes difficult.



suspect Innocent Materials Used in the Manufacturing of Improvised Explosives - Iraq

By punching in an ingredient found in an investigation scene or mentioned by an intelligence source, bomb squads, first responders and intelligence researchers are provided with a list of possible explosives related to that ingredient as well as other ingredients needed in the manufacturing process.

Thus, the ExploREsive database delivers a vital counter-explosives application to the hands of police officers, field operatives and intelligence agents, regardless of their explosives background and training.

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