Formulating Your Security

About Us

A.I. Explosives was founded to provide comprehensive professional support in the area of explosives, focusing primarily on security applications. The wide range of consulting services, training aids and calibration equipment the company offers were developed to meet the diverse requirements of both regulators and field users.

A.I. Explosives provides a unique combination of extensive operational know-how and experience from both the assailant’s and the defender’s perspectives. Implementing solid academic foundation in the fields of chemistry and physics; and in-depth knowledge of explosives detection methods.

The company continues to develop products that are increasingly crucial to the training of security screening personnel utilizing technological means, as well as those performing manual searches.

Newly identified trends and modifications in adversaries’ modi operandi, as well as recent developments in the field of chemistry, are taken into consideration to ensure constant relevance and expand the range of consulting services A.I. Explosives supplies to its clients.

Due to its exceptionally broad expertise and high level of professionalism, A.I. Explosives is uniquely positioned to assist regulators and private organizations in defining standards and requirements that truly enhance the level of security by effectively dealing with actual threats.