Formulating Your Security


Our training programs are suitable for laboratory chemists, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) specialists, explosive engineers, field operations end-users, and K-9 trainers and handlers.

The instruction topics include:

  • Introduction to chemistry of explosives.
  • Introduction to explosive materials, including their specific properties and characteristics, and how they can be used by adversaries.
  • IEDs – components and types.
  • Concealment methods.
  • Explosives detection methods, including all available technologies and their operating principles.
  • Manual inspection methods.
  • X-ray screening machine operators.
  • EDS and TDS system operators.
  • K-9 units.
  • Dual-use materials awareness and inspection.

A.I. Explosives’ proprietary training aids are extensively used within the framework of the courses delivered. The training programs include exercises and simulations to generate interest and promote the trainees’ active involvement, thereby enhancing training efficiency.

The training programs are adapted to meet the needs of each client and can be delivered at the client’s site or in our facilities – as mutually agreed upon. Fully customized training programs may also be coordinated, on a case-by-case basis.