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Terror organizations and other adversaries continuously evolve and modify their modi operandi. They learn to produce more stable and powerful improvised explosives, or manage to obtain standard explosives that enable them to carry out attacks with potentially more devastating effects.

Furthermore, they constantly look for new ways of concealing their explosives, or work in a group – with each member responsible for carrying a separate component of an IED, which will be assembled to produce an explosive device after the various components pass the security checks.

Such inventive, previously unheard of methods require regulators and security agencies to quickly assess new threats and acquire knowledge about the potential effects of the new types of explosives used – in varying quantities. They must also learn how such means may be smuggled onboard aircraft or into protected sites. Only then will they be able to take appropriate action, adapt security operations and reduce the probability of such attacks.

Within this context, A.I. Explosives acts as a valuable partner, assisting governmental bodies by providing them with vital information concerning explosive materials and their properties, as well as about relevant detection methods. A.I. Explosives' broad know-how and experience allows to significantly shorten the threat identification and assessment process, and proceed to the development and implementation of effective life saving countermeasures with minimal delay.

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